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Al Seconi
Sound Recordist/Production Mixer
Rurutu Island, Tahiti-Whale Documentary
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Just a few references from some of the people I have worked with over the years.
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Pat Makiri Freelance Cameraman DOP
mobile 027 268 4321

To whom this may concern,
I am a freelance cameraman/DOP who has worked all over New Zealand with Al Seconi for
many years on a number of television productions.

Al Seconi and I have shot many documentaries for TVNZ's WAKA HUIA series.
More recently we worked together on TVNZs' Hikoi a one hour documentary which marked
the 40* anniversary of the 1975 Maori Land March under the leadership of Dame Whina Cooper.
Al & I have also shot various other television series for Maori Television including a very
popular documentary called Murupara Dreaming.

Our journeys have taken us throughout the country visiting many marae where we would
meet numerous kaumatua (Maori elders). Building a good working relationship with people in these situations means showing complete respect and cultural sensitivity towards everyone involved, which Al was so good at doing.

Al is an honest hard worker who never shirks a duty. Working together and being a team
player is Al's forte. He will always offer his services in all areas of the production, thinking ahead to what maybe needed to be done, all to help make the production run as smoothly as possible.

Al is efficient and very skill full at his job and he is always on standby ready to go.
I believe Al has one of the best sound kits in the industry and most importantly he digitally
backs up daily files as a production safe guard.

I rate Al as one of the best soundies in the country, not only for his work quality but his
ethical values.

I wish Al Seconi the very best in the future and would recommend him to any prospective
production company.

Please feel free to call or email me at any time.

Yours Sincerely
Pat Makiri
Graham Wallace - Senior Audio Postproduction and Sound Operator TVNZ
I first met Al Seconi in 1997 when we were both assigned to the production of Letter to Blanchy
Series 3 a comedy drama for TVNZ. I was the sound operator and Al was the boom operator. We hit it off immediately and Al and I have stayed in touch since then.
I found him an excellent worker and companion during the 3-month shoot. We are both very keen on getting the very best sound for any given situation so we worked well together.
In 1998 we worked together again on Series 4 of the same production and had a similar rewarding experience.

Since those days we haven’t had the pleasure of working together again but as I do a great deal of Post Audio at Television New Zealand, I regularly mix programmes where Al has done the field audio. It is always superior sound and I would rate it as close to perfection as is possible in a world that creates many problems for field sound ops!

Al is very easy to get on with, always friendly and helpful and willing to help others out on set.
He is very conscientious and always seeking ways to improve his product.

I would rate Al Seconi in the top few sound operators in New Zealand and I always sing his praises when a production is looking for a Sound op.

I have no hesitation in recommending Al for any type of sound job and he would be a real asset to any crew.
If you have any questions regarding Al please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely, Graham Wallace
                  Senior Sound Operator TVNZ
VECO Communication,  Milano, Italy.
Being involved in the Iveco/All Blacks partnership as Iveco consultant and film director, I recently had the occasion to participate to the “Iveco All Black Test Series” shooting in New Zealand.
This gave me the opportunity to work with Al Seconi –,sound engineer, respectively, but (as often happens in small crews) also in charge of the actual shooting and of the lighting and audio technical support.    
I very much appreciated their professionalism and versatility – together with the “human touch” that makes a job effective and its making a friendly experience. Together we have made a great team, and I cannot say anything less than that I look forward to working with them in any future occasion where a shooting is involved, in New Zealand or elsewhere. Roberto Brignolo
“VECO Communication consultant/Director & copywriter” , July 13th 2008
Pioneer Productions, London
"Thank you for doing such a fantastic job for us …..You have been a great member of the team – I’m so glad we had you on board……You were certainly a very valuable member of our Australasia team." Suzanne Brain PM Pioneer Productions London for the Discovery Channels "Most Extreme Homes Of The World" Series.
Zoomslide Productions Auckland New Zealand
Al Seconi Shot with us in Auckland then we traveled to the United States for 2 weeks to do the sound for a TV3  doco called "A Little Love Story" . Al produced excellent quality sound at all times, is great working in a doco team and is very easy to travel with. I can recommend him to anyone wanting to take crew overseas or work locally on documentaries or for any production.