NEW! Audio Ltd
Best-in-Class Digital wideband UHF radio mics

Al Seconi
Sound Recordist/Production Mixer
Rurutu Island, Tahiti-Whale Documentary
Mobil: 021 835 935   Phone +64 9 294 7094



    Documentary Equipment Package with standard daily rate.
Scheops CMIT 5U shotgun microphone x1
Sennheiser MKH 50 microphone x1
Sennheiser MKH 60 shotgun microphone x1
Neumann KMR 82I super shotgun microphone x1
Neumann KM 140M x 2 as Stereo pairing microphones
Sankon Cub 01 cardioids boundary microphones x 2

Lapel microphones for radio mics,
Sanken COS 11 x2,
SonoTrim x2, 
Countryman 6  x2,
Trams x2

Radio Microphones
Audio Ltd Advanced Digital Diversity wideband UHF x 2
intergrated with the Sound Device SL-6 slot system.

Time Code Sync To Camera
Tentacle TC Sync Units x 2

Wireless Audio Camera Links
Sennheiser SK 100 G3 B transmitter x4 and receiver x4 for video split on film shoots or as wireless camera link for multi camera shoots.
Zaxcom Stereoline Digital wireless (transmitter and receiver) for stereo link (two channel send) mixer to camera or for video split on films or as a fifth radio mic.
Mixer/ Hard drive Recorder
Sound Device 688 12 Channel 16 track mixer recorder
SQN 4 channel stereo mixer

Ambient 5 stage boom pole short
Panamic 4 stage boom pole short 
Olympus Tough digital camera (for those all important crew shots and underwater video)

Sony Vioso laptop with duo processor and 100GB internal hard-drive
500GB external hard-drive for data management and backup

 Extra Equipment at added cost to daily rate.

Audio Ltd A10 multi frequency Digital True Diversity Radio Mics x2
Audio LTD 2020 multi frequency true diversity Radio microphones x4 
(Total of x8 radio mics available)
Neumann KMS 100 handheld vocal microphone x1

Director & Agency Audio Monitoring System
Lectrosonics IFB high quality monitoring 2x transmitters and 4x receivers (directors and client wireless audio monitoring system)
Comtex monitoring 1x transmitter and 6x receivers (making a total of 10 receivers) (directors and client wireless audio monitoring system)

Full Playback system with Wolfdale speakers and crown amplifiers available on request
Motorola walkie-talkies x2