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Al Seconi
Sound Recordist/Production Mixer
Rurutu Island, Tahiti-Whale Documentary
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    Rurutu Island Tahiti-Whale Documentary 

Curriculum Vitae

This is my CV or work history page. Not every production is listed obviously because over a 25 year career so far in the industry that would be a bit long and tedious for you to read.

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Personal Details & Work History
Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Sydney (1997) - location sound recording course. Course Director and Tutor: Guntis Sics with credits as Sound Recordist on movies such as The Great Gatsby, Australia, Moulin Rouge, Babe 1&2, and Priscilla Queen of the Desert. 

UNITEC-Auckland, NZ, Completed two-year Diploma course  in Television and Video Production, including Camera / Lighting / Sound / Editing / Producing / Directing / Writing.
Apprenticeship - qualified as an engineer NZCE Engineering

Other Qualifications:
PADI Open Water Diver
PADI Advanced Diver
PADI Rescue Diver
PADI Dive Master
First Aid Course
Car License
Motor Bike License
Private Pilot's License (aeroplanes, helicopters)

Hobbies and Interests:
Flying (aeroplanes, helicopters)
Guitar / Acoustic, classical, flamenco
Horse riding
Snowboarding / skiing


Feature Films and Short Films

Feature film “Frozen Moments” for No8 Films Producer/ Director/ Writer Craig Newland (2015/2016).

Feature film “Laundry Warrior” for Sad Flutes Production. Second unit freelance sound recordist. Second unit director: Charlie Haskell; First AD: Axel.

Feature film "Aidiko Insane" for Kohukura Productions Ltd. Director: Adam Larkin, Executive Producer: Larry Parr, Producer: Julian Arahanga.

Feature film trailer "Te Reinga" for Wairua Productions Ltd. Producer: Kyere Loren. Writer/Director: Bernie Foster.

Short film “Turning Ten” for Curious Ltd for Adfest in Japan.

Short film "Russian Bride" for Spineless Productions. Writer/Director: Stephen Sinclair.

Short film "Tiga E Le Iloa" for West Coast Film Club Ltd. Producer: Lisa Schulz, Director: Pop Lilo.

Short film "Picnic Stops" for Method Films. Producer: Matthew Metcalfe, Director: Kirstin Marcon.

Short film "Point Annihilation". Producer: Peter Day, Writer/Director: Virginia Heath.

Short film "Delores" for Robber's Dog Films. Producer: Mark Foster, Writer/Director: Adam Stevens.

Short film "The Bach" for Godzone Pictures. Producer: Liz Di Fiore, Writer/Director: Stephen Sinclair.

Short film "Beautiful" for Silverscreen. Nine day shoot at Great Barrier Island. Director: Adam Stevens, Producer: Mark Foster. This film was chosen as one of New Zealand's eight best short films to be screened at the New York Film Festival 2003.

Short film "Donuts for Breakfast" for Oh My Gawd! Pictures and funded by NZ Film Commission; Executive Producer: Trevor Haysom, Producer: Nikki Hoobin;  Director: Felicity Morgan-Rhind. This film was also chosen as one of New Zealand's eight best short films to be screened at the New York Film Festival 2003.

Short film "Man of Steel" for Central Studios, funded by NZ Film Commission. Director: Tim Adams, Producer: Simon Marlow.

Short film "Wild Turkey" for Digital Black Productions. Producer/Director: Russell Kirkby.

Short film "The Parking Nazi" for Livingstone Productions. Producer: Johnny Gibbings, Writer/Director: Steve Thomas.

Short film "Eve" for Digital Black Productions. Writer/Director: Russell Kirkby.

Short film "Vacant" for Black Stump. Director: Ian McLean, First AD: Jesse Warn.

Short film "Her Iliad" for Method Films Ltd. Director: Jesse Warn, Producer: Mathew Metcalfe.

Short film "Ku San", Director: Simon Raby. Committing play to video.

Two short films made through the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, each two weeks long shooting.
"The Spy Who Loved Me" written and directed by Chris Aronsten.
"My Sister Agnus" directed by Jane Shadbolt, written by Chris Aronsten.

Television Drama Series

"Xena: Warrior Princess" ongoing throughout 2000 and 2001 recorded sound on Hybrid and 2nd Unit days, boomed on main unit in 2000. Co-Producer: Simon Ambridge, Production Manager: Annalise Coulam.

South Pacific Pictures Production "Being Eve", Hybrid/2nd unit days. Producer: Vanessa Alexander, Line Producer: Anne Williams.

Hong Kong Television Productions, 30 minute drama, 10 day shoot with locations throughout the North Island.

(from most recent – selected few only)

Tech In A Sec TVC For SPARKS for Blacksands

Colour Steel TVC for Flying Fish Productions

Your Own Backyard TVC for Auckland Tourism for Blacksands

Master Card with All Black captain Richie McCaw

ZOXTEL - Remote Record - “The Himalayan Experience “ TVC

Cherokee Films “Nintendo Wii” TVC

Bannan Films “House Of Travel- Been There Done That” TVC

Flying Start Pictures “Finish Power Ball” TVC

Curious Ltd “Ford Focus” TVC

Automatic “ANZ” TVC

Good Oil Films “Fresh Up” TVC

Automatic “My Sky” TVC

Film Construction “Mitre 10 Mega Store” TVC

Automatic “Propecia-LOTM” TVC

Film Construction “Bonus Bonds” TVC

Republic Communications Ltd "Microsoft NZP" TVC

Afterglow Films “ Beef & Lamb “ TVC

Film Construction “McDonald’s” TVC

Cherokee Films "Detrol" TVC

Silverscreen Productions: "Pam’s Food Adventures". Two week shoot on location from Stewart Island to Marlborough Sounds and Tongariro.
Silverscreen Productions: "Telecom Xtra" TVC.
Silverscreen Productions: "Lion Red" TVC.
Silverscreen Productions: "Caltex" TVC.
Silverscreen Productions: "Freedom Air" TVC.
Silverscreen Productions: "BP Wild Bean" TVC.
Silverscreen Productions: "McDonald’s" TVC.
Silverscreen Productions: "Pink Batts" TVC.

Flying Start Pictures including: "Rural Diary" TVC series (ongoing throughout 2003); "PC Leasing" TVC; "Tear Fund" TVC, "Harwood Homes" TVC, "Morgan Furniture" TVC.

Silverscreen Productions including: IKEA Catalogue 2003, "Tower Insurance" TVC, "Comvita" TVC, "Project Holiday" TVC.

Screentime Communicado:" Les Mills" TVC.

Fitting Images: Lotto promo.

TV Zoo: Warriors promo for Sky TV.

Kohukura Productions Ltd for Land Transport Safety Authority: drink driving commercials.
Mark Foster/Steve Latty Productions: Green Plan Forestry Investments TVC.

Film Construction Ltd: "BNZ Global Plus" TVC.

TV and Documentaries  (from most recent – selected few only)

Scotty Productions “HIKOI” for TVNZ, Doco about the Maori land march in 1975.

Scotty Productions “MURUPARA DREAMING” Doco about a small rural town in NZ with a bad reputation revealing the good side. Producer John Bates

AWA Films “SONGS FROM THE INSIDE” Doco 9 episode series about prisoners learning to write songs  and how it can be a form of therapy.  

“A ROTTEN SHAME” Presented by John Gray from HOBANZ about NZ’s 23 billion dollar leaky home situation and how it happened.

TVNZ “WAKA HUIA” recorded sound for about 40-50 documentaries for the WAKA HUIA series over a period of about 5 years.

Zoomslide Films EPK “They Came From Upstairs” (behind the scenes documentary).

Radical Media New York – "Two Roads to Taupo 1000" documentary.

The Light House “Psychiatric Hospitals” doco shoot on and off for 2006-2007.

Zoomslide Films “A Little Love Story”, documentary shoot in America and New Zealand.

Zoomslide Films EPK “Bridge To Terabitha” Walt Disney Feature Film (behind the scenes documentary).

Pioneer Productions (London based company): "Most Extreme Homes of the World". Six weeks shoot
throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Tourism Network shoot: "Destination New Zealand". Four week shoot throughout the North Island of New Zealand.

TVNZ: "Country Calendar". Various shoots around the North Island of New Zealand.

M Vision: "Maori Regional Sports Awards 2004". Outside broadcast at various locations throughout the North Island. Position -Head of Sound department.

TVNZ: "Home Front" television series. Shot over a period of five months.

Kiwa Productions: "Papa Joe" documentary shot over a period of four weeks.

Hong Kong Television Productions: 30 minutes TV drama, three week shoot on location throughout the North Island.

Frontier Productions: "Gone Fishing" (Fiji episode).

TV Zoo: Carter Holt Harvey corporate video.

Hugh McDonald Productions Ltd: "Len Lye Biography" documentary.

Asia Vision Ltd: "Asia Downunder".

Greenstone Pictures Ltd: Waitakere City Council "State of the City"; "Animal Crackers" programme.

Visionary: "The Apartments" documentary.

Touchdown Productions: "Changing Rooms" series.

Screentime Communicado: "Grass Roots".

TVNZ (Bill Henderson  or Martin Gresley) for various television programmes including: "Police", "Tangata Pacifica", "5.30 With Jude", "What Now!", "Mai Time", "Marae" and "Te Karere".

Documentary series of "Our New Zealand". Ongoing shoot since Christmas 2000, 9 day blocks, on and off through to April 2001. For Partnership Productions, Colleen Hodge (Co-Producer), Julienne Stretton (Producer/Director).

Spitfire Productions: various TV productions.

Front Of The Box Productions: annually for ASB Bank Polynesian cultural festival.

Max Media, Perth: "All Blacks" CD Rom production; Producer: Emily Wendt, Perth.

Discovery Channel: Documentary on Sir Edmund Hillary and Peter Hillary.

TVNZ documentary: "Age 14", Director: Ian Garner.

King Mayo Productions (Terry King,  Peter Mayo) for various television programmes including "The Drum" for TV4 and also TVNZ productions.

Sound Post Production / Studio / Live Mixing

Live music track recording for Christian Church of Samoa 40-piece choir (2003).

Studio recording and mix on ProTools 6 for a four track CD for a three-piece jazz band (including vocalist) (2003).

Live band mix for jazz band (2002-2003).

Sound/Playback Experience

Rock video for Universal Music on 35mm film: director/producer Ian McLean; artist "Deep Obsession".

Rock video for Universal Music on 35mm film: director/producer Ian McLean; artist "Nicolette". 


Feature Films
Day Break Thriller Films: "Exposure", Director: David Blythe, Sound Recordist: Dave Hurley.
Day Break Pictures: "Kiwi Safari" (Lost Valley). Director: Dale Bradley, Producer: Grant Bradley, Sound Recordist: Rob Shriber.
South Pacific Pictures on Montana Theatre's "Home". Sound recordist: Rob Shriber.
Day Break Pictures: "Song of Joy". Director: Dale Bradley, Producer: Grant Bradley, Sound Recordist: Rob Shriber.

Pacific Renaissance Pictures: "Xena: Warrior Princess". Sound Recordists: Graeme Morris and Dave Hurley. On and off from 1997 to 2000, including job sharing throughout 1998.
Isambard Productions: "Letters to Blanchy". Sound Recordist: Graham Wallace.
South Pacific Pictures: "City Life". Sound Recordist: Richard Hansen.
South Pacific Pictures: "Shortland Street" various sound recordists.
South Pacific Pictures: "Riding High". Six months contract (with sound recordist Dave Manigan for three months and Richard Hansen for three months).
Sound trainee. This was a full time position at South Pacific Pictures ("Shortland Street" production). Trained in all aspects of sound, location and studio, boom operating, fisher pole and fisher boom (1995).

Silverscreen Productions: "Foodtown Signature Range". Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts "Anchor Milk". Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts. "Clear Communications". Sound recordist: Eugene Arts. "DB Draught". Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts (Queenstown). BNZ "Groundsman" series. Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts.
Cherokee Films Ltd: "Snow and Adventure" car commercial. Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts.
Slater Films: "Canadian Tires".
Curious Ltd: "Land Transport Safety Authority" series. Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts.
Orbital Films: "Maori Electoral Role". Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts.
Orbital Films: Caltex "Mystery Motorist" commercial, Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts.
HAT Productions Ltd (Sydney): "Coruba Rum" film commercial. Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts.
Flying Fish NZ Ltd: "Eta Cruncheese" and "Unichem" commercials. Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts.
Silverscreen Productions, on Singapore Navy commercial, Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts.
Shoot New Zealand in Queenstown for American Light-Blue Beer 10 day commercial. Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts.
Shoot New Zealand: "Kodak America" commercial. Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts.
Black Stump: "Telfast". Sound Recordist: Eugene Arts.

Front of the Box Productions Limited: Eight week contract to do camera and sound for their magazine style programme.
Maori Television NZ: Location cameraman/lighting and sound with an assistant for 13 weeks on a magazine style series.
Television New Zealand: Arts documentary on a well-known New Zealand potter (shot on BETA SP).
Low Budget Documentaries.
"Waiheke Island Arts & Wine Video". 
"Sign Of The Times" about the job opportunities for the deaf.
"Street Wise" about homeless people in Auckland.
'Mindless" about the treatment of psychiatric patients.
"One Man's Journey" a martial arts documentary.
Educational Video: "Basic Studio Lighting".
Camera assistant for Jill Wilson and David Copeland (who left Kotuku Productions to form their own company) to work on the "Know How" production for five weeks. 
Camera assistant. Trained on and off throughout 1994/95 at Film Facilities with Claude Dasan in camera and film loading with Arriflex 16SR, Arriflex 35 III and Arriflex 35BL.
Camera assistant for Kotuku Productions for "Know How" series. Shot on Beta. Directed by David Copeland, Director of Photography/Camera Rocky Hudson, both from Wellington.
Camera assistant trainee on a short film "I'm So Lonesome, I Could Cry", directed by Michael Hurst and Director of Photography was Leon Narby. This covered camera assistant duties and clapper/loading 16mm film.
Cameraman for Mary De Brett (at Carrington Polytechnic) for a documentary for Television New Zealand on Warren Tippett. 

Feature film: "Kiwi Safari".
Freelance Sports: National beach volleyball, cricket, rugby, ice hockey, International Car Rally.
Freelance Portrait, Weddings, Landscapes.

As Editor: Low Budget Documentaries
"Waiheke Island Arts & Wine Video". 
"Sign Of The Times".
"Street Wise"
Educational Video "Basic Studio Lighting".
2х Performing Arts Dramas "Missing Him" & "Why".
Non Broadcast Rock Video "Truth For Sale" for band Bloody Tourist.

As Film Director: Low Budget Documentaries
"Waiheke Island Arts & Wine Video" editing not yet completed.
"Sign Of The Times".
"Street Wise".
Educational Video "Basic Studio Lighting".
2х Performing Arts Dramas "Missing Him" & "Why".
Non Broadcast Rock Video "Truth For Sale" for band Bloody Tourist.

As Post Production Sound: Short Films
"This Present Tense".
"Queen Of Cups".
"Boxing Day". 

As Writer: Scripts
"Subconscious Enemy" 20 minute script.
"Who's That Dancing With My Mum?" 15 minute.
"New York, New York" 60 second mock TVC.
"New York, New York" 5 minute short film script.
"Masquerade" 15 minute short film script.